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Portugal strike to protest the government about 300 million pay cut

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warga teladan
Feature articles for the newspaper prada shoes China Daily According to the U.S. Cable News
Network (CNN) 11 月 25 reported, the Government will soon introduce a fiscal austerity, Portugal broke out near the biggest strike in 22

years - about 3 million workers on strike onto 24 street protests, resulting in the transportation, medical care and other fields can not

function properly. prada sunglasses

Recently, the Government of Portugal for 15 years to the most demanding budget plan: to achieve fiscal 2011 budget deficit from the current

gross domestic product fell 7.3% to 4.6% target, public salaries will be reduced 5-10 percent, At the same time workers pensions will be

frozen, and re-examine areas such as housing and education tax credits and so on. Soon as the budget, immediately triggered public unrest.

Union workers in Portugal, the two main allies (CGPT) and General Workers Union (UGT) in the organization, millions of workers took to the

streets, join the strike the demonstrators. coach coupons outlet

In fact, large numbers of workers began to gather from the evening of April 23 in Lisbon international airport went on strike, leading to the

airport many flights canceled. discount coach bags Portuguese National more than 3 / 4 was forced

to cancel 24 trains, 60% of the bus can not start. Also severely affected the education sector, many schools have closed. Hospital

overcrowding due to lack of medical personnel, can only provide initial emergency ambulance patients.

"Today's moncler unemployment rate is 10.9%, we have hundreds of people queue up for free porridge

live by, and now the introduction of such a policy will only make our lives worse." Involved in the Lisbon airport staff strike Aquino

norovirus Virginia anger to express, "more ridiculous is all this bad in the bill by the workers."

25, the Portuguese Parliament for the fiscal year 2011 budget cuts to the program to vote. Portugal, taking into account the high budget

deficit, economists worry that Portugal will become the Europe, moncler jackets Greece and Ireland,

into a debt crisis after another euro-zone countries.

However, moncler Wako Barka da Silva President of Portugal, said Ani, despite serious economic

difficulties, Portugal does not need to resort to the International Monetary Fund. In his view, Portugal's present situation and thesituation

of Ireland and Greece was different, the Portuguese moncler jackets banking system without any

crisis, there was no real estate bubble, and Portugal's public debt in EU countries are at medium level. (Fang Ying)

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